How to Make an Apple Doll Head
Summer Alert:  Drying apples in the summer may be difficult because of the humidity. 
You may want to wait till humidity decreases or try a dehydrator or alternating directing a fan on
the apples and  placing in oven at very low heat- 135 deg or below.

Try heating the oven a little and turn off to cool before you put the apples in oven.


Supplies:  Apples, paring knife, lemon juice, salt, wire or stick, red water color paint,
black "e" beads, carded wool or ? for hair.   
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6. Soak apple (for about 5 min.) in water with 2 T. salt & lemon juice added. (approx. measurements) Insert a wire or stick into apple and hang to dry, or place on a rack.Peel another apple without carving & dry for hands
7. Drying may take several weeks. Humid weather may make it harder to dry the apple, sometimes it may mold instead. Try drying apples in drier weather or inside a heated room. If you dry the apple in summer humidity, try placing the apple by a fan, or in a hot car on the dash. A dehydrator with removable shelves so the apples will fit , is the easiest and quickest way to dry appleheads within a few days.
1. Select an apple (green or red) medium or large size. Choose an apple that is not too soft. Peel the apple.
8.The apple is ready when spongy dry. Pinch or re-cut lines if face needs re-shaping.
2. With a paring knife, cut a U-shaped line for the nose.
3. Remove wedges of the apple by cutting towards the cut lines of the nose. This brings the profile of the nose forward.
Insert beads sideways into eye slits.
4. Cut wedges out of the apple under the nose, under the cheeks and where the eyes will be.
Add water to red water color paint to paint light pink cheeks & a little darker pink for the mouth..
5. Cut slits for eyes. Cut a line for the mouth. Shape the chin & other areas. Add light lines around eyes & on forehead to add wrinkles.
9. Glue hair to the top of the head.
10. From the plain dried apple (or back of apple face) cut wedges with a scissors to form hands. Cut slits in hands for fingers.

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